Monday, April 26, 2010

@iHeartFaces challenge - smiles

When it comes to cute, kids win hands down. and then dogs i think. whether they're toothless, food stained, or making a mess of the rumpus room they sure know how to pull a great face. Kids seem to be so free and expression-ful, its so refreshing. 

This picture was taken when playing with sunglasses, at first J was afraid of the sunglasses but then really wanted to wear it all the time. The joys of discovering a new toy!

be sure to check out all the other entrants, I'm sure everyone will have some doozies!


Lest We Forget - Anzac Day 2010

I think all Australian students should learn about World War 1, I always think that it is important to understand and know the past before we can move forward.

The sacrifice that those men made on what is known as Anzac Cove. The sheer determination, will and bravery it would have taken to scale those mountainous hills is staggering. What fear and pride they must have been feeling on the dawn of the 25th. It was wonderful to see people out in the city today, men and women in their uniforms paying tribute to the lives before us. Ancestors of soldiers past wearing their medals with pride.

Lest we forget. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Clare & Brendan's Wedding


Long time no blog! Going through my back log of photos, I've finally managed to go through all 987 photos that I took for Clare & Brendan's wedding weekend down at a place called Robertson at Fountaindale Manor. It was a lovely spot, with some eerie fog that came across us after the cermony. It was a lot of fun, with the live band and dancing for young and old. It was great that most people stayed overnight so we could all dance into the night.

Some photos from the wedding

Crowd waiting in anticipation for the bride to walk down the aisle. Series of photos of Brendan and Tim joking around waiting as well. Then the lovely bridesmaids come down the ailse in v. nice summery looking dresses.

 Bride finally comes down the aisle with her two proud parents, clare stops off and sees her sister. Ceremony begins and the 2 have memorised their vows. A bit of stopping to ensure that no tears are spilled and it all goes off without a hitch!

Lizzie is a trooper as she hands over the rings to the celebrant.
 A series of photos I took, just randomly during the ceremony. I couldn't get a great shot of the first kiss, but I thought the angle was funny anyways. I love the expressions of the ones with Brendan kissing Clare on the cheek.
Couple are married! Now for the guests to provide their congrats & take some happy snaps!I love the pictures of Brendan's granny, so cute!
 I love this picture of Clare
 In the dining room, ready for dinner service. I love the light in this photo as well. Isn't the birdcage veil so pretty! Dinner & speeches were fun! The dad's did a great job, I nearly cried when Clare did her speech, the bridesmaid and groomsmen speeches were also v. funny. I learnt a lot from Brendan's speech, especially how to say 'i love you' in so many different languages!
 Highlight of the evening for me was to witness the dancing that Clare and Brenan had been practising and opening up the dance floor for young and old to boogie on down.
 Funny pictures of the couple as they let loose after the formal part of the evening was over. Everyone else just enjoyed the live band as they played great songs from the past, even an impromptu karoke edition of 'total eclipse of the heart' by brendan and clare!
Clare & Brendan asked me to take some photos re-creating how they first met, when Clare was a bar 'wench' and gave her a coaster telling her the best points about him and his number. Out of this coaster, was the start of their relationship and now marriage. They asked all the guests to provide their advice on love on some custom made coasters which I thought was such a nice intimate touch! The funniest one was, 'we know we love someone when....they do our washing'

Off to cook dinner for the girls, wonton noodle soup today!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Holga effects -

What do you think, this photo has had a holga action applied to it and heres the original with a bit of tweaking with colours etc. Which one is better? This is probably one of my favourite photos that I took that day for Clare's wedding. That crinkle in her nose is her signature move I think, and I think she was giving that look to her soon to be husband. v. cute. 

nitey nite

Post Processing Madness

So, I'm trying to go through a 3 mth back log of photos - including 2 friends weddings. I took around 950 photos for my friend Clare's wedding back in March and only now during Easter break have I attempted to look at them. I often think of it as a daunting task to go through photos of an event because I know it will be hours of culling and photoshopping to get the right outcome. 

Although in the end, its worth it when you look at the finished product. Anyways, time to chuck in the towel for today since its 4:35am. I managed to go through 200 out of the 950. not great progress, but this is my favourite of what I've done today. I haven't even gotten to the ceremony! ha. I usually like to do it all in one sitting, because that's how I operate, but the sheer volume is not achievable in one sitting for me. 

Anyways, this photo is of my friend Logan who came down from London to celebrate this wedding out at Robertson at this gigantic manor called Fountaindale Manor. They had lots of interesting rooms, nooks and crannies. So I took advantage of an unwilling model to pose for me, i call this one 'hard left' because thats the order I barked at home to face his head.

Hope all is well in Easter land for you all. 


Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Easter!

I'm always greatful to take a breather from work, so i love easter in that respect. It's so good to just relax, do the things that you love to do and just get out there and do something different. Easter is a great celebration of family, friends and chocolate! 

My homage to Easter including the coverted Lindt Easter Bunny and topped off with the best hot chocolate i have tasted, and i've tasted quite a few! Also tried their peanut butter easter egg, best $1 I spent that day. And let's not forget that it is a religous holiday, and people were out giving thanks for the reason why we have this holiday through sky writing.

Anyways, I trekked down to Darling Harbour as there was a free festival going on - the Hoopla Festival which showcased circus and street theatre for all to enjoy. 
Most of the activities were quite interactive including an amusing pair of brothers that had a fire/ladder/pole act going on and got the crowd participating - they tended to pick on males to volunteer in their act, they actually picked a real fireman. The second shot, he said would be a good photo opportunity, he wasn't wrong. i love the expression, he's longingly looking for the audience to clap.

Walked along, and there was a 'Circus Playground' and inside were circus tricks like the stiltz, juggling balls, colourful ribbons, juggling plates on sticks and other fun stuff and lots of kids and adults giving it a go. 

Last but not least we had 'The Tiny Top' where they had two fun characters welcoming everyone intot the tiny top. The lady by the popcorn machine was kind enough to make a face for me. :)

Anyways, hope everyone re-charges their batteries during this lovely break. Hope you all enjoy yourselves and spend well deserved time with friends and family. 


P.S. Thanks so much to the website Coffeeshop  for the lovely 'Honey Retro' action I've applied to all the photos from the Hoopla Festival. Check that website out for excellent freebies!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Wedding - Steven & Karen

Happy Monday Morning, 

I overslept today, this is what happens when you have naps in the afternoon - you are unable to sleep at night. But I have been able to make use of my time and go through some photos I have not yet post processed. Steven &Karen's wedding was actually last month, it was quite a warm day as I recall and it was an early church service at St John's Anglican church out at Gordon followed by a lunch time reception at Curzon Hall.