Monday, June 21, 2010

Lake Daylesford - which is better?

Recent trip away with the girls to Daylesford and we were walking around the beautiful Lake Daylesford, can't decide which photo is nicer....thoughts?

Will post up a review of 'the lakehouse' and the other activities we did there soon-ish. 


Friday, June 18, 2010

i wish i was...

somewhere warm, tranquil and not needing to bring a box of tissues due to a runny nose. sigh. taken in port douglas, northern queensland - australia

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mohamed & Khadija's Wedding (Part 3)

Final installment of Mo & Khadija's wedding, all reception photos! Reception was held at Bexley at the Ainslee Lodge Function Centre. We arrived early and I was playing around with my flash and managed to drop it! I shrieked and may have scared the people around me. Sorry! Flash was fine! 

Anyways, here are some photos that I looked of the night, I tend to take more photos of women - i don't know why...probably because women are the better looking gender I think. Mixture of pairs, families and group shots in the below

Speech time and lots and lots of dancing! Meanwhile, the bride and groom went to visit each table to thank them for coming and give them sweets as well. 

 And then the dancing, so much dancing! at first all the men danced....the drummer would set the beat and the person at the front what dictate what moves the rest of the men would do. they would then go around the circle! my feet were sore watching them. After sometime the women had a turn on the dancefloor as well, and then everyone mixed in. 

The cake was cut and drinks were shared. We then saw more dancing including the couple's first dance as a married couple and we finished up with an epic goodbye with everyone lining the dancefloor to form a people archway and the couple were sent off in fine fashion. 


Monday, June 07, 2010

Mohamed & Khadija's Wedding (Part 2)


Part two of Mo & Khadija's wedding brings us to the photo shoot that took place at several locations: the rocks, wharf area behind quay restaurant, botantic gardens. The following photos are of the rocks and the wharf area behind quay restaurant. After that, rain came and started havoc, so being the trusty assistant i held Dexter's umbrella whilst he shot some beautiful photos of the bridal party at the Botanic Gardens. 

Anyways, here are some location shots of the Rocks and I took some shots of us strolling down to the wharf area. I particularly like the one where I've shot the clock tower at the back. We were having such great weather that day...until it rained.

We pretty much took over this part of the wharf area, we had the videographer getting the couple and bridal party posing and Dex & I were just working around him. Those clouds look like they've been photoshopped in, but they really haven't!
Then the dancing started which was fun to shoot and I think everyone else enjoyed themselves, including the ladies who were clapping their men on.
Next the videographer asked Mo to take Dex's camera and start shooting his bride. Dex took the following photos of Mo taking photos! Ha.
Meanwhile, the kids were being kids and keeping themselves entertained....the second photo is hilarious!

Last couple of shots, we're losing light pretty quickly by this stage and the videographer gets the bridal party to sit down and try and get the two kids to kiss each other to get a cute kinda works.
Last pic I'll leave you with before I go, is a lovely one I think !

Mindy ...

Saturday, June 05, 2010

iPhone Fun

Sydney 5th June 2010, originally uploaded by mindy_w.
I didn't think I would warm to the iPhone, but I definately do like it! I love how I never get lost anymore, well - i love that I can find my way around when I get lost. Yesterday I downloaded the Hipsmatic app on the iPhone which lets you use different 'lenses' and 'flashes' when taking photos.

Here are some photos I took today on the iPhone at the local Annandale cafe Revolver, some shots of Paddington and the windscreen of Lan's car. Best $1.99 I spent on my iPhone!

good luck to sam stosur 2nite! back to processing photos!