Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mohamed & Khadija's Wedding (Part 1)

Hi there, 

Long time no blog! It's been a hectic couple of weeks with weddings, work and w-dieting - just wanted to keep the alliteration. Anyways, Dexter kindly offered me to a chance to tag along with him to shoot Mohamed & Khadija's weddomg on the 22nd May (last Saturday). How could I say no? First what a lovely, down to earth couple with such lovely families - congratulations to you both!

We arrived at the groom's place at around lunch time and we were greeted by Mo. He was quite at ease and feeling a bit under the weather - although it didn't show it all. We were surrounded by his family including some v. photogenic young nephews that were not shy at all! Here are some snaps at his parents home. 

Here are some of the cute nephews I was talking about. I was testing out my new tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 lens with a borrowed (thanks S) d700 which meant i had a great arm work out throughout the day. Anyways, Dex encouraged me to test out the zooming capability and here are some of the snaps I took of the nephews. The nephew eating his meal whilst trying to watch WWF wresting is so funny!

More family arrived including some adorable nieces who were so pretty in their white taffeta dresses and matching tiaras - extermely cute. We got some nice shots with all the nephews and nieces together as well. 

I love this photo of Rae, playing with her aunt's iphone!

The parents were absolutley brimming with joy at this happy occassion and it such a nice event to be apart of. Lots of singing, clapping and processios which I thoroughly enjoyed. Mum & Dad were so proud!
 Also another favourite of mine, the grandmother and the grandchildren. So lovely!

A few family portraits by the pool and fixing up their outfits we're ready to head to the brides house

We arrive at the brides house but we're kept in suspense as the bride is not there yet! So we wait with anticipation until she arrives with her 2 bridesmaids. What a stunning dress, I've never seen anything quite like it!

We then walk in the house and the videographer takes charge and tells Khadija how he would like her to pose and we start snapping away  - here are a couple of my favourites. well a few.

I may have lied about a 'few', here are two black and white ones I took of the bride. I especially like the reaction of her male relative after receiving a kiss

After getting the portraits of the bride, the groom arrived and we started what I can only describe as the meeting and greeting of relatives. The room is filled wall to wall with women who are on the perimeter of the room and the men stand on the outskirts. It was so wonderful to see so much colour! I've never seen so much at a wedding before! Admist this was chanting, clapping and some dancing at the end. So incredible to witness.

There were some emotional moments where some of the women in the room did tear up including the bride which was v. touching to see. 

Of course there were kids roaming around, and I had to capture what they got up to. These two in particular were adorable along with their v. nice parents who offered me authentic lebanese sweets. yumm. The kids didn't mind the sweets either!

A few more snaps of the men and women at the brides house and we stumbled out and proceeded back to mo's house to do a traditional placing of flowers at the doorway. 

After the ritual was done at the groom's house, we proceeded to head into the city to do the photo shoot where we had mixed luck with the rain. Here are some final snaps from the groom's house and i'll cover the rest of the photos in Part 2!


Monday, May 17, 2010

@iHeartFaces challenge - flowers & faces

Here is an oldie but a goodie. C has such a gorgeous smile, so radiant! She was so sparkling at my friends wedding where she was bridesmaid!

Have a look at the other lovely faces & flowers at the below link:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mal & Lan's Wedding - Part 2 (Photo Shoot @ The Rocks)

I've been so slack with post processing and posting *check out that alliteration*. anyways, its 1am and i have been facebook stalking and blog stalking enough and decided to do a teensy bit more in terms of going through mal & lan's photos. 

We went to the rocks for the photo shoot after the wedding at All Hallows in Five Dock. Here are a few that were nicely captured by either Simon or myself. Weather was perfect, not too hot or cold and it was a nice afternoon for taking happy snappies. 

Next couple are of Lan, who knows how to work the camera ! good work!! It was a nice hugo boss suit that he was wearing, good slim fit.

will continue this blog post once i finish doing the rest of the photo shoot photos. 

off to bed! will be playing netball for work tomorrow. haven't played netball in over 15 years. this should be interesting. 


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mal & Lan's Wedding - Part 1 (Getting Ready)

Hi there, 

After the phenomenal post from dexter who did such a fantastic job during the day and night of the wedding I had a look at the photos that Simon & I took - no where as good! But here's the first part of the day in terms of getting ready at the Wong household. 

Ervan Woo and his assistant Elaine came at around 7am to do the hair and makeup. Elaine worked on Marissa, mum and myself whilst Ervan concentrated on Malinda's hair and makeup

He even has his own makeup and custom brushes! Marissa tried to squeeze in a lesson or two in makeup with Elaine. Doesn't she look different with makeup?
Finally we were all ready after fussing about and we all got dressed around 11 and we went to take some photos around the house with the all the bits and pieces floating around. Malinda bought some Stuart Weitzman shoes online - nice dorothy esque ruby shoes which I thought were a nice touch and some Swarovski earrings and a lovely antiquey esque necklace which she got from Marry Me Bridal who also supplied her wedding gown
The flowers got delivered from  Blooms 4 U who did a wonderful job with the bouquets and the table arrangements at the venue which I'll post later. The above bouquet was mine! lovely isn't it? malinda's ring is in the middle. 

Dexter came and he started taking proper photos! Simon took the ones of Malinda and I took the one of Malinda's bouquet and shoes on the piano bench

Then Simon took some photos of me and flowers! Earrings were from Glammadona in the Strand and dress from Veronika Maine. I thought it would be fun idea to put the shoes on the piano. ha ha.

I have to end on a picture of anpanman - an obsession of marissa's. Basically its a red bean paste hero who lets his friends eat him when they're low on energy? I'm making this up I think. Anyways, anpanman made it into a few photos which I thought I might post. Ha. 

nitey nite!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Mal & Lan's Wedding - Sneak Peek

Hi All, 

Malinda & Lan's wedding was just yesterday and a fun affair had by all! I was on maid of honour duties so didn't get a chance to take as many photos as I would have liked. Dex & Simon were doing a great job anyways.

This is one of the few photos I did take, I'll post up the rest of the photos when I get a chance.
Taken at the Rocks, like the shoes?