Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Orange - Philip Shaw Winery

Orange - Philip Shaw Winery

Orange - Philip Shaw Winery, originally uploaded by mindy_w.

We had the best time in orange. Wine, food, snow!

Not necessarily in that order. Its such a treat to get away from the city and working life and go into a 'country town' and just slow down. We're all chipping away at such a fast pace, its nice to stop and consume a lot of alcohol. good alcohol as well, which was v. surprising!

This particular winery was one of my top 2 wineries i visited at Orange.
Philip Shaw winery had a beautiful cottage where guests were welcomed into a home and were not pressured into leaving - but just to stay and soak in the wine goodness.
My other favourite winery was 'Word of Mouth' which coincidentally not ironically was recommended to us by your B&B host (Milthorpe Bed & Breakfast - which was fantastic btw). I think best Riesling i have ever tasted! Not to say I'm a wine buff, but I thought it was special.

Other highlights include:

- Racine Restaurant at the La Colline Winery: excellent steak and gorgeous fondant!
- Lolli Redini in Orange: v. tasty desserts!
- Beautiful food and views at Borrodell Winery @ Sisters Rock Restaurant: had a lovely mushroom and truffle rissotto there.
- Basalt Wine Bar in Milthorpe: lovely poached pears and quince. yum.
- Lovely breakfast at Tonic in Milthorpe - v. relaxed atmosphere.

Anyways, hope your week goes well.


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