Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sydney Design - Framed @ Powerhouse Museum


As part of the Sydney Design festivities, Powerhouse Museum hosted an event called Framed! It was an all day event where they put on a fashion shoot with the works: models, stylists, makeup and wardrobe artists, photographer, videographer etc. Who knew it took so long just to do a few photos! Anyways, it was a fun day where Hamish the photographer walked us through the various things he does to create the 'look'. I had a lot of fun on the sidelines capturing the moments and taking sneaky photos of the models getting ready. 

Sydney Designs - Framed-1

Sydney Designs - Framed-5

Sydney Designs - Framed-6
Sydney Designs - Framed-41

Sydney Designs - Framed-40

Sydney Designs - Framed-13

Sydney Designs - Framed-43
Sydney Designs - Framed-19

Sydney Designs - Framed-20

Sydney Designs - Framed-24

Sydney Designs - Framed-25

Sydney Designs - Framed-26

Sydney Designs - Framed-29

Sydney Designs - Framed-30

Sydney Designs - Framed-31

Sydney Designs - Framed-37

Sydney Designs - Framed-42

Anyways fashion photography looks like fun, but takes a lot of time, effort, extremely good looking models and a whole entourage of people to make it happen. it was fun to be a fly on the wall and witness it all happening. Kudos for Sydney Design for hosting such interesting events. 

In other news, I bought myself a 27" iMac and boy do i love it. The screen is so pretty and i love the wireless keyboard and mouse! Having a bit of a space issue, so it is currently living on my dining room table - so i guess i won't be having guests anytime soon. And yay for Lightroom as well - so much easier than what I was using before.

Anyways, hope everyone is having a good week.


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  1. it's great seeing you out and about soaking in different kinds of photography! enjoy the mac and LR: life from this pt on, will never be the same [cue, evil laugh]